KOI Suspension Light

KOI-30-10 Suspension Light On/Off Switch 1m cable

Designed by Naoto Fukasawa, 2009

With its emotional perceptions, KOI sets new standards in efficient interior lighting technology. A single standing light for two workstations can now be replaced by the KOI for four workstations using the same amount of light and less energy. This is due to modern lighting technology and the light head. The rounded form ensures rotational symmetry and equal light distribution over a wide area. Despite the high output, the light sources are only dimly seen. The rounded form of the KOI harmonizes with all room designs. Despite its large body, all KOI versions are floating, vibrant and elegant. The suspension light can be shortened to any length to fit easily into small alcoves with sloping ceilings.

  • Specification
    Manufacturer Belux
    Model Number 51003503-10
    Fabrics Material: Chrome, head vapour deposited metal layer on acryl
    Dimensions H100 W625