BLOSSOM Suspension Light

Flower Olive

Designed by Hella Jongerius, 2007

There are four types of suspended lights and 16 various colour tones available. These can be arranged individually, in series or combined as desired. The diffusor of the light fixture is a fabric shell with the cable of the dimmable light being up to 8 m long so that the lamp can give off warm, direct halogen light. The suspended lights are best installed using the BELUX silicone canopy for maximum flexibility so that up to 4 lights can be connected to cover any unevenness.

Manufacturer Belux
Model Number BLOSSOM-35-OL 51002935-OL
Frame Options Olive Shell
Fabrics Pink inside
Dimensions H190 W165
Also in this range...
BLOSSOM-37-GE 51002937-GE Booky Lime Green
Lime Green Shell Lime Green inside Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-37-RO 51002937-RO Booky Red
Red shell red inside Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-37-TK 51002937-TK Booky Teal
Teal Frame Teal inside Add to quotation
54000101 Ceiling Connection - 1 light
Add to quotation
51002983 Ceiling Connection - for up to 4 lights
Silicone Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-35-GO 51002935-GO Flower Gold
Gold Frame Light grey inside Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-35-GR 51002935-GR Flower Grey
Grey Shell Light grey inside Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-33-BR 51002933-BR Roccet Brown
Brown Teal inside Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-33-MI 51002933-MI Roccet Mint
Mint Pink inside Add to quotation
BLOSSOM-33-OR 51002933-OR Roccet Orange
Orange Gold inside Add to quotation