DNA - Credenza Storage Units

2100 x 800mm Credenza unit

DNA furniture is a new and visually exciting furniture concept, combining simple, clean and elegant design with the energy and flair required in modern office environments.

The open plan visual of the bench system is maintained through storage 'spines' which create a strong visual statement with good individual workstation definition, by means of integrated, 'frequent-use', low level storage facilities and screening.

The understated design is continued in the first and second level storage options which integrate with worktops and are used to define work territory, providing easy desk level storage and a privacy barrier.

Manufacturer Verco
Model Number DCU 2108
Fabrics Available in MFC, veneer and laminate (laminate credenzas use an MFC carcass with a laminate top)
Dimensions 2100 x 650 x 800